Introduction To Cuisenaire Rods

Parent Workshop Replays

Parent Workshops 2029-2020 

Week 2, 2/20/20: Notice, Wonder, Discover

Week 5, 3/12/20: Substitution Game 

Week 6, 3/28/20: Arbitrary and Necessary

10/22/20: Free Play
and Constrain Play

Introduction to Trains

Introduction to Patterns/Mats

Missing Rods 2

Transformations Workshop

Introduction to Staircases

Making Equivalent Steps

Introduction to Measuring Rods

Introduction to Single Color Trains

Rectangles 1

Rectangles 2

Introducing Language of Addition and Equality

Introduction to Difference

Notice, Wonder, Discover Boot Camp 2020

Notice, Wonder, Discover Boot Camp: Awareness
David Butler's: Twelve Matchsticks: Focus vs Funnel

Notice, Wonder, Discover Boot Camp: Notice

Notice, Wonder, Discover Boot Camp: Wonder

Notice, Wonder, Discover Boot Camp: Discover

Professional Development Gloriavale

Teacher Workshop 1 - Gloriavale School
PDF of Graphs

Teacher Workshop  2-Gloriavale

Teacher Workshop 3 -Gloriavale

Teacher Workshop Trains 1 - Intro
Trains Lesson Plans

Teacher Workshop Trains  2 - NWD

Teacher Workshop Trains 3 -Summary