I'm that crazy mom that stayed up late at night playing with math blocks for years so that I could relearn math. Why? Because I nearly destroyed the relationship with my oldest child . . . over math.  Sometimes crazy comes in handy - because I masterminded a group of over 1000 mothers to join in this insane trip with me. And I'm inviting you to come along for the ride.

and get lessons, training & come play math games with me. (This is how I collect math friends.)

Social Media sucks up too much of our time.  I built my community in Facebook but that doesn't mean you see my posts, even if you want to. Facebook decides. It's time to for a better solution. My focus is shifting away from Facebook to email. Why?  

  • You choose if you want to hear from me - not Facebook
  • Saves Time - No hunting for old posts for things you think you remember, blah, blah, blah.
  • Organized to Serve You Better - I've got a special section of the website just for you!
  • Secure - I won't sell your details, won't spam you with ads. You know what I mean.

😏If you are joining my list, you must use your real first name  and a personal email (not a 'shopping' or junk email). To
discover my reason for this, check the FAQs below. You are free to NOT opt in if you don't like this, but if you opt in and violate these rules, you will be sent to the naughty corner, grounded, and then removed permanently from the list. 😒

By joining the list I agree to the following:

  • These are my REAL details.
  • I really do WANT to receive regular and sometimes daily emails on teaching & math.
  • I know how to click unsubscribe and I'm NOT a hostage. I can leave anytime I want. If I leave, you promise not to hold it against me. 


Q: You just sent me an email, why do I have to sign-up again?

A. Because I want to make sure that you want to be on the list. I'll be emailing you several times a week and sometimes daily. Think Facebook in your inbox. You need to sign up for that on purpose. When you first signed up, I rarely emailed you - if ever. Sort of like that friend from high school who promised to keep in touch (or was that you?). Now, we're going to be besties!  Even if you think you love me, you may not love me THAT much. I totally get it.

Q: What are your emails about?

A. The theme of all my emails is teaching. I used to be a terrible teacher and at the end of our homeschooling journey - a lot of repair work needed done.  The struggle was mostly about math, and it wasn't good.  I talk about teaching all the time. Good teachers are made not born.

Sometimes I use math and sometimes I use daily life. It's always about taking the opportunities where we find them and at the core is what we have come to call Notice, Wonder, Discover. You'll get lessons, exercises, access to free and paid classes, AND game days! We love games.


Q: Who should sign up?

A: The ONLY people who should subscribe to my list are parents who are teaching their kids and tutors who are serious about learning to teach.

Q: How many emails will you send me?

A: A lot. Several times a week and I'll be working up to daily.  

Q: I don’t want a lot of emails; can I get less?

A: Sure! Your options are “a lot” or “zero”. To choose the “zero emails” option - don't opt in.  

Q: Will you try to sell me stuff?

A: Of course! I make courses after all. Will I recommend other people's stuff? Probably. But if I do, it won't be for money. Promise. If I recommend something, it's because I use it, find it helpful, and think you might find it helpful too. I'm not trying to use you as a ATM.

Q: Why do you want my real name?

A: How else am I going to track you via your IP and come visit you? Joking. It's because I hate freeloaders. If you aren't willing to give me your real name and email, you probably aren't going to read my emails. If you aren't going to read them, it lowers the open rate. Email services hate low open rates. That means emails are more likely to bounce or not get delivered. When that happens, I have to spend 3 hours with Mrs. Smith, who does want to read my emails, troubleshooting why she isn't getting my emails. I have better things to do with my time and so does Mrs. Smith. Like, you know, washing our hair.

If you want to use *junk or fake* credentials, go to Facebook and engage in the group there.  It will be easier on all of us and I'll still like you. Promise.

Q: Will you share my personal details?

A: Not a chance. Do with other's credentials as you would have them do with yours. Unless...

Q: Unless...what?

A: Unless you write me 3-4 emails a day, under different names, demanding I give you access to my courses & tutor your child for free. When I say no, you stalk me on the internet and text me in FB and accuse me of stealing from you because I won't hand over all my hard work. Yeah, that actually happened back when I charged $35 and gave people access to everything. If you do that, I'll likely out you in public and call the police. 😠😬😠

Q: For real? I’m a legit stalker but I don’t want you to give my name, IP address, and email to the police. What should I do?

A: Google therapists. I hear there are online therapists now. You don't even have to leave your house. Also, don't join my email list and the besties thing is probably not in the cards for us.🤔


Q: Okay. Where do I sign up?

A: You can sign up by scrolling back up to the opt-in box up there.