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These videos discuss the foundation of Gattegno's work which informs every course created by Learning Well At Home.  

These videos are here to provide you with a philosophy of math education and give you an idea of the support that comes with taking a course at Learning Well at Home. 

The Basics

Algebra Before Arithmetic

What does it mean to do Algebra Before Arithmetic?

Why would you start there?

What does it look like?

What does that mean for the teacher?

Mediation and Attending to Student's Learning

What is the role of the teacher? What should I be paying attention to during a lesson?

What is necessary for my student to learn and how do I provide it? What is the most important part of a lesson? How do I make sure that I'm taking care of it?

Noticing On A Structure

You built something with Cuisenaire Rods and now you are supposed to notice. Your kids are staring at you with a blank stare and their eyes are glazed over. Notice what?

What is it that you and your children are looking at?

What if you see something and you don't know what it is? 
What if you see nothing? Where do you start? 


The Notice, Wonder, Discover is the most important part of Gattegno. It's not the rods. It's learning to educate awareness. This is how we do it. 





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