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Free with Code

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The 12 Week Early Math Discovery course has one lesson a week. It is a simple literature base program using Cuisenaire rods as a tool for math play.

This course pulls the literary activities from our Introduction to Cuisenaire Rod Structures.

15 Lessons - Easy

Coming Soom

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This course follows the scope and sequence of Introduction to Cuisenaire Rods Structures course but is geared to the 8-9 and above crowd. It moves faster and goes deeper into the algebra concepts found in both Introduction To Cuisenaire Rod Structures Course 1 and 2. If you purchased either course 1 or course 2, please contact an admin to give you appropriate access to this course.

104 Lessons - Easy

Paid Students Only

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This course is for students ages 4 - 7. We study the 4 basic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, division plus fractions, and algebraic transformations with Cuisenaire Rods. This course is for registered students only. Login or click here to purchase this course. 

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Paid Students Only

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This course follows Introduction to Cuisenaire Rod Structures 1.

It begins with more complex algebra and then introduces numbers 1-10. After a study of numbers 1-10, student's explore numbers 1-100 using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions as operators.

Once your student had completed this course, they should be able to jump right into Gattegno's textbook 2 without any difficulty.

67 Lessons - None